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We have been using the Eklavvya platform to conduct exams. The interface is very user-friendly, Remote proctor can pause or terminate the exam if any malfunction occurs from the student side, Proctor can listen to the audio of students.

The Evaluation interface for subjective answers is very simple for teachers, Compilation and Generation of results are too fast and accurate.

Delhi Public School

Exam Incharge

Delhi public school
Monitor remote exams

Monitor Remote Exams with Ease

Olympiad test

Ease to configure and Conduct Olympiad Tests

Eliminate exam

Eliminate exam Cheating using AI Proctoring

Simple user interface for students

Simple User Interface for the Student

6 Reasons to Choose Eklavvya  for Olympiad Exams

Eliminate Geographical Barriers with Remote Exams


Support for High Concurrent Test Sessions

Remote proctor

Supported with High End and Bandwidth Friendly Proctoring

Cost Effective and Efficient way to Manage Exams

Adopted by Leading Institutions for Olympiad Exams

Result reports

Detailed Result Reports and Analytics

Eklavvya for  Global Olympiad Exams Proctoring

Explore why Institutes from 15+ countries use Eklavvya to conduct secure online exams

Moodle for Institute

Image Proctoring

Capture photos of the students during Moodle Test attempt by the student


Video Proctoring

Live Monitoring of the students while Moodle Online Exam is in progress


Proctoring Management

Define Custom Proctor Role and assign Proctors for Live Exam Monitoring


Exam Cheating Detection

Identify exam malpractices using facial recognition, AI Proctoring, Secure Browser


Detailed Analytics and Reports

Access details of the results along with video recording, photos of the students after examination sessions in addition to live monitoring


API Integration for Student Data and Results

Use our APIs to seamlessly manage Student Registrations, Exam Scheduling, Results etc

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AI-Based Remote Proctoring During Remote Tests

Record Audio as well as Video streaming sessions during remote olympiad online exams. Advanced Facial Recognition algorithm to identify and prevent exam malpractices during the live tests.

Video Proctoring

This is the most suitable type of proctoring for very high stake exams where remote proctoring continuously monitors remote candidates using continuous video streaming activity.

Image Proctoring

This type of proctoring is most suitable where internet connectivity is low.

Screen Recording

Watch Live and Record the entire candidate exam screen during Quiz Attempt

Audio Proctoring

Capture Audio of candidate during online exam activity

Frequently Asked Questions related Olympiad Exam Solution

What features should be included in an online olympiad software

An online Olympiad software has to be user-friendly, and easy to operate and maintain.

There should be a choice to list the questions that can be asked from the database and the students should be able to choose a question from the options provided.

The software should also provide the option of choosing a time duration for the exam and viewing and printing the result digitally.

The downloading of results and certificates should also be an easy and hassle-free process.


What are some of the critical factors to consider when using online exam software?

Online exam software is a great tool for teachers to keep track of students’ scores and to evaluate the performance of students and the course.

Here are some critical factors to consider: 1. Security: You should choose exam software that secures the information you enter.

2.User-friendly: An online exam software that is user-friendly will help teachers keep track of the scores efficiently.

3. Ease of analysis: A software that allows teachers to analyze the scores of the students and the course will help teachers know where to improve and help them to improve the performance of the students.

Can online olympiad software help kids get better at and become more interested in their areas of interest?

Yes, online competitions do help students improve their skills and become more interested in their areas of interest.

Online Olympiad software could help design and manage any type of competition you imagined. It helps you get involved with competitions, lets you create a nice-looking website to display the results and statistics, and lets you share the information with others.

It can even manage a competition event where students can participate remotely. It’s a good way to get students involved.

Can we customize Olympiad Test as per our Requirement ?

Yes, there is a facility available to configure online tests based on the syllabus, subject, topic, and difficulty levels.

You can define any olympiad exam for subjects like Science, Mathematics, English. You can also classify the test based on levels, competence requirements, students who would attempt it, etc. 





Can we evaluate Descriptive Answers Automatically ?

Yes, the platform supports both approaches for the evaluation of descriptive answers.

Using AI and Machine learning algorithms you can automate the evaluation of descriptive answers, it has an accuracy of as high as 98%.

There is also interface available to manually evaluate descriptive answers by the examiner.


Security and Compliance without Compromise


CERT-IN Certified for
Software Security


ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified for
Information Security System

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Global Olympiads Academy

Eklavvya platform is amazing to conduct secure online exams for any age group.
We have been successfully conducting remote proctored assessments for our International Olympiad exams for students in the age group of 6 to 18 years.


Whizz Kidzs Abcus Academy

Eklavvya Helped To Conduct Our Educational Competition For 65000+ School Students With High Accuracy.
Thank You For The Exceptional Software, I Hope The Bond Grows Stronger In The Future!

National Geography Olympiad

Eklavvya was something we came across when we were looking for solutions to scale our National Geography Olympiad online.
The platform was easy to use for our team and the end result was that the students gave the exam very smoothly.
Thank you for helping us reach out to a broader audience and giving the flexibility to our students to participate from anywhere in India.

National Geography Olympiad

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300+ education institutes worldwide adopted Eklavvya for Assessments.

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Have a Look.

300+ education institutes worldwide adopted Eklavvya for Assessments.

Let’s see how can we help your Organization.