The Ultimate Solution for Reliable, Accurate, and Scalable Assessments!

Eklavvya is an easy system of Plug-and-Play SaaS platform to make the academic examination and hiring assessment process a lot more reliable, accurate and scalable.

Welcome to Eklavvyathe industry leader in proctored assessments, offline exams, and skill-based assessments. 🚀

Our platform is the result of extensive consultations and discussions with educationists, professors, teachers, and corporate organizations. We pride ourselves on being a reputable edtech platform that prioritizes accuracy, reliability, and scalability.

👉 Plug-and-Play SaaS Platform: Easy-to-use system is designed to simplify the academic examination and hiring assessment process. With Eklavvya, you can conduct online assessments, evaluations, and monitoring with ease.

👉 Accurate AI Proctoring System: AI proctoring system is recognized as the most accurate in the market, with a 99.96% accuracy rate. Say goodbye to manual intervention and hello to a reliable and trustworthy system.

👉 Efficient and Cost-Effective: Eklavvya is a smart AI proctoring tool that is not only efficient but also extremely cost-effective. You don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to conduct assessments anymore.

👉 Capable of Handling Large Workloads: With millions of assessments conducted across the globe, our platform is built to handle large workloads. Our system is accessible to anyone with a basic digital device, making it easy for everyone to participate in assessments.

We are committed to solving every proctoring problem that institutions and enterprises face during online assessment processes. Our features and services are unmatched in digital assessments and proctoring domains, and we are constantly striving to improve our platform. Join us on this journey to revolutionize the assessment process! 💻🌍 

Cloud-based Assessment Exam Engine

Secure Browser with Intelligent Remote Proctoring

Preferred platform by organizations to conduct online assessments of any scale

Automation of Exam Paper Generation

Intelligent AI Proctoring with facial recognition

Adopted in Africa, Asia, Australia, USA, Middle East

Meet Our Team

We are led by experienced, passionate Teams having in-depth knowledge of technology and collective experience of multiple years.

Swapnil Splashgain

Founder and CTO

Swapnil Dharmadhikari

Swapnil has around 15 years of experience in the design, development, and management of large-scale Information Technology (IT) projects. Prior to establishing Splashgain, Swapnil worked at TATA Consultancy Services (TCS) and Geometric Software.

His area of expertise lies in software prototyping, scalable web architecture, cloud computing, information security, and blogging. You can find our youtube product and features videos powered by him.

He is passionate about technology and has created Eklavvya to simplify proctoring and assessment needs globally. He believes scalability, efficiency, and sustainability must always be key for businesses.

He has encouraged the team working behind building Eklavvya to create a product that is aggressive, agile, and 100% accuracy-proof while being consumer focus driven and executed in an environmentally conscious way. 

Swapnil is an MBA graduate from the S. P. Jain Center of Management, Singapore. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT), Pune University, in June 2004. 


Co founder,  MD & CEO

Samir kamat

With over 20 years of experience in Product Engineering, Software Quality Assurance and Testing, large scale program management, Delivery Centre Operations Management, Pre-sales, and Sales.

He also comes within an experienced background in building scalable teams, Key Account Management, and creating in-roads in difficult accounts through innovative strategies.

Graduate in Mechanical Engineering from Pune University, Samir has completed his M.S. from BITS, Pilani. He also holds a PGDFM (PG Diploma in Finance) from Symbiosis. As a visiting faculty for the reputed B-schools he has contributes to the subjects such as Software Engineering / Testing, Software Project Management, and Requirements Management.

Kaushal mehta

Vice President – Global Business Development

Kaushal Mehta

Kaushal carries over 20 years of experience in business development and sales in the education sector, e-learning, and ITES. He is highly experienced in offering technology-enabled products & solutions, direct sales, and sales through reseller networks.

He is highly accomplished in establishing a foothold in emerging markets globally with strengths in key account management, sales, and people management.

He also carries a deep understanding of sales to academic, corporate, distribution, and retail channels across the Middle East & African countries.

yogesh buchake

Vice President – India Business Development

Yogesh Buchake

Yogesh comes from a strong Technical Sales background, with almost 20 years of work experience in the field. His expertise lies in business transformation solutions, developing channel growth strategies, leading teams, and forming strategic partnerships.

He is a great connector, trust builder, and customer ambassador with a reputation for challenging the status quo while generating unrivaled sales and revenue growth.

He is extremely focused and committed with C-Suit, Business Stakeholders, Senior Management & Business Partners of various clients and has great international exposure to clients from around the world.

He is a business conceptualizer and a storyteller in a way that he brings a clear focus to both the consumer as well as the business focus of the Eklavvya brand.

Kaushal mehta


Avinash Gavande

Avinash has over 24 years of experience in Corporate Finance in very diverse areas ranging from Equity and Debt syndication like Trade Finance, Structured Mobilisation, FCCB, ECB, Project Finance, PE, Angle Funding & Venture Funding.

Avinash holds a Master’s Degree in Finance from Mumbai University. He is a successful entrepreneur and member of MCCA and SME Chamber. Actively involved in many Angle, PE, and VC circles.

His detailed understanding of global finance has been well respected within the fraternity. He is also a Six Sigma Professional which makes it a very rare combination.

yogesh buchake


Dr Aatul Wadegaonkar

Dr. Aatul Wadegaonkar, a doctorate-holder and an IIT alumnus, has extensive experience of 35+ years in research, digital transformation, and strategic business management in both the public and private sectors of the education industry.

As a Chief General Manager, MKCL he has created strategies, development and execution plan for software related to student life cycle management, online admissions, web-based recruitments, library management and eGovernance.

As former MD of Rajasthan Knowledge Corporation Ltd, he grew the company 15X in just three years from a loss-making entity to a profitable one. He has served as a Board of Directors and Strategic Advisor to many companies.

Kaushal mehta


Vrishal Yelegaonkar

Lt. Commander Vrishal Yelegaonkar (Retd.) is a highly accomplished person, currently pursuing Ph.D. in Public Policy from IIT Bombay.

In his previous roles, he has served as ADC to the Governor of Maharashtra and Goa, and also as Officer on Special Duty to the Cabinet Minister in Maharashtra.

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