Steps to configure Secure Online Exam

Configure secure online exam

Looking to shift your traditional pen and paper-based exams into an online mode?


There are some of the things you need to take into consideration for planning such a technology shift. An online exam also has some processes and methodologies which can help you to conduct academic exams securely.

It is a theory-based exam where students need to write something for the question. Students can write it in the language as per the requirement of the question paper, it can be in English, Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, German, Spanish, Arabic, etc.


Students can use the text area shown on the exam screen to type the answer.

Speech to Text

For students with limited typing speed, speech to text facility is quite useful. It can be used to type a long answer. Students can speak the answer and the system would automatically convert it into text format and it would be saved in the system.

It would help students to write long theory/ descriptive answers with ease.

Diagrams and Document Upload

There are cases where students need to draw diagrams or show some complex calculations, graphics, steps for the answer. It can be done on paper and the same copy can be snapped with a phone camera for uploading for the respective answers.


Candidate can upload multiple documents like ppt, pdf, word, excel or R programming files. Excel and R Programming files are essential for management students studying statistics and data science course exams.

Facility to type in any regional language

For exams in other languages apart from English, it is essential for candidates to type answers in their own regional language as per requirement.

It can be easily enabled for online descriptive exams with a simple configuration of the keyboard in the respective language.

MCQ based exam

For the objective type of questions, you can display options ranging from 2 to 5 for each question and candidates need to select a suitable answer. You can configure fill in the blank, match the following, true/ false type questions.

There is a facility to attach images for objective questions as well.

Online Exam Screen

Audio/ Video Based Exam Questions

You can also define audio/ video-based questions and conduct an online exam. Questions like identify instruments being played, write your observations based on the video, etc can be easily framed in the online exams.


Paragraph based questions and assessment

Such types of questions are popular for management aptitude and case study based assessment. Candidates are shown text-based paragraph and questions are asked to judge knowledge acquired after reading the paragraph to understand reading comprehension capability. For case studies, you can ask judgemental questions about specific things from the paragraph.

Viva Exam/ Oral Exam

If you want to convert traditional oral exams in online mode using technology then it is possible using the Eklavvya platform. You can configure questions, candidates can speak about the response to each question, it would be saved in the form of audio.

Examiners can refer to it at a  later point in time.

Negative Marking

You can configure an online exam with negative marking. For each wrong attempt, certain marks can be deducted from the total score. It can be easily configured.

Online Exam Pattern

The platform provides facility to define online exam patterns. You can select subject/ topic/ difficulty level combination along with marks for each question to define exam pattern. You can also enable or disable question randomization for the exam.

Showing Calculator on Exam Screen

For exams with calculations, data analytics candidates need to have access to calculators.

There is a facility available to display a calculator on the exam screen. The calculator would be displayed on the right-hand bottom corner of the screen. Candidate can use it for calculation purposes to identify the right answer for the question.

Online Exam Configurations
Calculator in Online Exam

Capture Photo, Video, Audio during the exam

Proctoring configuration would help to capture audio, video, screen activities of the individual candidate attempting the online exam. You can also capture photographs of the user.

AI-driven algorithms for facial recognition can help you to identify if the same user is attempting the online exam process.

Exam Configuration for Proctoring

Enable/ Disable Question Navigation

You can also enable or disable question navigation during online exam process.

If navigation is disabled then the candidate needs to attempt the exam in the same sequence shown on the screen.

Timer for each question/ Timer for the whole exam

You can also define timer for each question like 30 seconds/ 45 seconds/ 60 seconds. The candidate would get that time to attempt the particular question, as soon as the individual timer is elapsed, the system would move to the next question.

You can define timer for individual questions in addition to the timer for a complete exam. Question navigation would be disabled in such a case.

Section based exam

If you need to define different sections in one exam then you can easily do it with a simple configuration.

If you have included questions from 3 subjects then all questions would be classified into different sections as per the individual subject name. The candidate can attempt questions based on the section.

Answer option shuffling

In case of objective or multiple choice based questions, there is a facility available to shuffle the answer options while displaying it to individual candidates.

Allow Mathematical and other special symbols editor for the exam

If you are conducting mathematical calculations based exam, chemistry exam where candidate need to type the answer in the form of mathematical equations, matrices, integration, square root, or chemical reaction related symbols then you can configure to enable typing of such thing in the online exam.

Secure Browser settings

The secure browser would prevent the user from opening any other window during online exam activity. You can also configure auto suspension of the exam if the user tries to open any other application during the online exam process.

Secure browser For Online Exam Process


You can easily configure and conduct an online exam. Eklavvya platform provides simple and easy to configure exam settings to make your online exam experience seamless.